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Truth about Pakistani girls mobile numbers

My Friend Aryan was asking to me about paki girls mobile numbers yesterday, I replied him very honestly. He was saying that, he already have found Indian girls and Paki girls cell numbers from different websites. I replied him very clear. In those mobile numbers 90% are surely fake or boys numbers. Boys are using other boys with the name of girls and getting mobile balance. Because girls ask to boys for share some mobile balance and boys share it happily. That’s the truth I want to let you know be careful when a guy provides you cell number. Before going to sms, try those number by calling on them and try to find is it clear voice of girl.

Hot Indian girl waiting for boyfriend in her hostel

Anusha is beautiful Indian girl. She is doing studies in biological sciences from Preston university UK. She is living in university hostel. Anusha having boyfriend who meet her in girls hostel on weekend. But nowadays both are having some issues in their friendship its seems breakup or something happened. So its look like she is interested in friendship with new boys. you wanna be one of her nice best boyfriend?

Indian girl likes to having friends on mobile

Indian girl Rachna is passionate to do kitchen stuff like cooking and washing. Yea this is different thing any girl from India think. Because its look like she is not twenty century generation or having old mind like her parents. She says, she loves to be house wife. She feel joy in this job rather than outside the home. She having boys friend via mobile phone and having good relations with them.